Conditions of use

1. Basic provisions

Representative of OptoNet Communication, spol. s r.o., with registered office at ul. Červený Kříž 250, 586 01 JIHLAVA, ID: 27750132, hereby issues the rules and conditions for the use of the portal (hereinafter referred to as "OPTOMEDIA" and "Rules").

For the purposes of these Rules, the Portal means the website accessible from (hereinafter referred to as the "Portal").

The owner and operator of the website forming the Portal is the representative Rostislav Prosecký, who is entitled to exercise the property rights to this website in accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator"). The Operator owns all copyrights to its own content that the Operator places on the pages of the Portal, including text, page design, technical sketches, graphics, all images on these pages, as well as to the selection and arrangement of files contained on the pages of the Portal.

The rights and obligations of the Operator and the Users when using the Portal are governed by these Rules. These Rules apply to all persons who visit the Portal (hereinafter referred to as Users). The User agrees to these Rules by accessing any of the Operator's websites accessible through the Portal and using in any way any information placed within the websites accessible through the Portal. For the use of the services provided by the Operator through the Portal, in addition to these Rules, the General Terms and Conditions or special conditions for the respective service, if any, apply. A reference to the special conditions, if any, for the service in question is always placed next to the provisions for the specific service.

The publication of any data or information on , except for these Rules, does not constitute any legal act aimed at creating a legal relationship between the Operator and the User, unless otherwise expressly stated in individual cases.

2. Completeness and updating of information

The Operator makes every effort to keep the information on this Portal up-to-date and is therefore regularly edited and checked. Despite this, the Operator cannot guarantee the continued accuracy, correctness and timeliness of all its content. The information published on the Portal is basic information about the Operator's products, services and activities and is of a general informative nature. For complete and up-to-date information on the Operator's specific products, services and activities, please always contact the Operator's Information Center.

The Operator reserves the right to change and modify the information provided at any time without prior notice.

3. Operator's responsibility for content

The Operator is responsible for its own content that it places and maintains available for use on the websites within the Portal. The Operator is not responsible for external content to which it merely provides access. Furthermore, the Operator is not responsible for external content placed on the Portal if it is not known to the Operator or if it is not technically possible and reasonable for the Operator to prevent its use.

In particular, the operator shall not be liable for:

the content of websites belonging to third parties that can be visited through the Operator's Portal.
links to third-party sites located on the Portal.
advertising or any other form of promotion carried out by any third party through the Operator's Portal.
the content of communications exchanged between Portal Users via the Portal.
The Operator is entitled at any time to remove any content of the Portal that is contrary to the law of the Czech Republic, good morals, or threatens public order, or its content does not correspond to the interests of the Operator. In particular, it is entitled to remove misleading and false content, content that interferes with the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, content that is against human dignity, discriminatory in terms of religion, creed, race, or gender, or that promotes violence or any other unlawful act.

4. Use of the Portal by the User

The User undertakes that when using this Portal, he/she will comply with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, will always act in accordance with good manners, rules of fair business dealings and these Rules, and will not in any way damage the reputation and rights of the Operator or other Users.

In particular, the User undertakes not to:

use both the whole and the individual components of the Portal other than for his/her own use, i.e. in particular he/she will not copy, download and distribute the content of the Portal's pages beyond his/her needs.
interfere in any way without the Operator's consent with the content or technical substance of the Portal's pages.
interfere with the security of this Portal,
interfere with other Users' use of the Portal and in any way prevent them from using the Portal.
use the Portal to send unsolicited messages (spam) and chain messages.
send messages containing viruses or any dangerous or malicious programs to this Portal.
create fake messages in order to falsify the identity of the sender or attempt to hack into other Users' accounts.
attempt to access pages of this Portal that are restricted from public use.
to disseminate on the pages of this Portal any messages or materials that violate the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, good manners, or threaten public order or do not correspond to the interests of the Operator. In particular, the User undertakes not to disseminate misleading or false news or materials, materials that interfere with the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, that are against human dignity, that are discriminatory in terms of religion, creed, race, gender and that promote violence or any other illegal acts.

5. Site access and privacy

Access to and use of is free of charge.

Access to the website may be conditioned by the Operator, in whole or in part, on the provision of certain personal data of the User within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data. The Operator undertakes to handle these data in accordance with the applicable legislation and to use them only to the extent necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the personal data are obtained and always in such a way as to prevent any harm to the person to whom the data relate.

6. Final provisions

The Rules of Use of the Portal are valid and effective on the date of their publication. The moment of publication is considered to be the moment of placing the Rules in the footer of the Operator's website accessible from the Portal.

These Rules may be amended or supplemented only by the Operator. The Operator is entitled to change the Rules at any time. The Operator shall notify the change of the Rules by means of a notice on the Portal's website. By continuing to use the Portal, the User agrees to the new version of the Rules.